The Renewal of Spring

The season is changing. Birth and renewal is all around. I am half a year into the full embrace of my artist identity A tune. This new website and more music to come, marks a shift in my passion and focus. The courage to engage in art as a profession is finally flowing. I am planning a European tour and another U.S. tour. It has been a scary ride. I had to dig deep and face my fears on my trip last year. 3 months on the road really made me question the direction Ive chosen with my life. But, after it all I realized I couldn't be doing anything else with my life. This journey is short and its important in my opinion, to pursue your dreams to the best of your ability. I never want to lay on my death bed with the regret of holding back. I am excited for this new website, and newsletters and taking this whole journey to the next level. Thank you to all who are out there who have loved and supported me on the way. I am trying to bring love and beauty into the world because we need it more than ever. I'm on a mission to amplify all the encouragement and wisdom I've received to heal and help others feel loved as I have. I look forward to meeting the rest of my tribe out there in the vortex.



So proud of you! Never stop pursuing that which you love the most!

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